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Graham Simpkin planning


Here’s an excerpt from Graham Simpkin Planning on how they use PlanMan to help them concentrate on more chargeable work:

PlanMan can be accessed via any web-enabled device with a simple log-in – so for staff this means no longer having to rely on work machines and installed software. PlanMan project notes can be added whilst on site. 


Give your clients full access to their contact info, projects, files
and links to planning applications 24/7

Your PlanMan account comes with a built-in client portal. Once you issue your clients with login credentials, they can log in and see all of their relevant information relating to their:

  • Enquiries
  • Quotes
  • Projects
  • Project Documents
  • Invoices

They can even pay your invoices online using either the Stripe integration (for debit and credit card payments) or the GoCardless integration (for direct debit payments).

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