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  • social value in architecture projects

    Social value in architectural projects

    By Ben Snape • 15 May 2024
    What is social value in architecture Social value in architecture refers to the positive impact your project has beyond the value stakeholders get from it directly. The more your project idea affects the well-being of…
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  • may 2024 updates

    May 2024 Updates

    By Ben Snape • 3 May 2024
    The following updates were made recently: Co-consultants You can now set multiple disciplines for your co-consultants. Projects When viewing the project stages tab, the page length is now set to 50 records per page. When…
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  • tender bid submission tips

    Competitive tender bid submission tips for architects

    By Ben Snape • 1 May 2024
    Many architects have a love/hate relationship with competitive tendering. On the one hand, you can land an amazing client, and on the other hand, you may end up wasting too much effort to get zero…
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  • delegation tips for architects

    Delegation for architects – the mindset shift & top tips

    By Ben Snape • 16 April 2024
    Like with many creative and complex professions, a lot depends on you as a professional in architecture. Most of the time, you are the worst bottleneck in your own business. We’ve written about hiring architectural…
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  • cost estimation software for architects

    Cost estimation software for architects

    By Ben Snape • 2 April 2024
    The intersection of budgeting and design in architectural projects is a critical aspect that determines the success of any construction project.  This intersection is where the creative process of designing a building meets the practical…
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  • working with quantity surveyors

    Working with quantity surveyors – the guide for architects

    By Ben Snape • 18 March 2024
    The role of quantity surveyors – and why work with them Quantity surveyors sometimes referred to as construction cost consultants or commercial managers, play a critical role in the UK construction industry, and there are…
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  • networking for architects

    Networking for Architects: The 2024 Guide

    By Ben Snape • 11 March 2024
    There are several reasons to be extremely serious about networking as an architect. Networking goes hand in hand with business organization and project management.  That’s why when we built PlanMan we added features that let…
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  • social media marketing for architects

    Social media marketing for architects in 2024

    By Ben Snape • 28 February 2024
    Reasons to take social media seriously Every architect has the power to turn his social media accounts into effective marketing tools.  You can create stunning visual content to showcase your work to a broad audience,…
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  • lead generation for architects

    Lead generation for architects

    By Ben Snape • 20 February 2024
    Lead generation is one of the most critical aspects of marketing for architects.  53% Of marketing professionals spend half or more of their entire budget on lead gen efforts. In fact, lead generation is exactly…
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