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Best accounting Software for Architects – The Top 2022 Options

Accounting software is the tool that can make your job as an architect exponentially easier – or make it exponentially harder as well.

Architects, city planners, and project managers are constantly overwhelmed by various organizational tasks that are very easy to get lost in. Add to that the necessity to manage your books, invoices, receipts, and quotes – and there will be very little left of your capacity for creativity.

In this article, we will give an overview of the accounting software for architects that you should consider using or switching to in 2022.

Best Accounting Software for Architects


PlanMan is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for architects and city planners. We built it around specific needs that our colleagues have. As a result, PlanMan offers a streamlined and integrated approach to accounting that’s weaved into the typical routines of freelance architects.

PlanMan takes care of the front line of your bookkeeping – you can invoice clients with it and store all the initial payment data. At the same time, we are integrating with FreshBooks and Xero, two of the largest and the most popular accounting software products for architects.

So you can easily send your financial data to FreshBooks or Xero – or export it for your accountant to plug it into whatever product they are using.

PlanMan Testimonial

Here’s an excerpt from Graham Simpkin Planning on how they use PlanMan to help them concentrate on more chargeable work:

Graham Simpkin planning

PlanMan can be accessed via any web-enabled device with a simple log-in – so for staff this means no longer having to rely on work machines and installed software. PlanMan project notes can be added whilst on site. 



FreshBooks offers an accounting platform that will serve the needs of architecture businesses of any size. With FreshBooks, you can easily track even the most minor business transactions while working with contractors. 

The FreshBooks mobile app comes in handy during fieldwork, site analysis, and construction project management. All the data is synced between your account, other users on your account, such as your accountant, and the mobile app. The software works on all platforms and device types. 

You can also easily set up recurring client profiles so that many of your accounting activities are automated.


Xero is another architecture accounting software for freelance architects and architectural businesses. Like most other cloud-based accounting software products, Xero is a cross-platform software that he’s extremely handy on the go. 

Xero Payroll is a section of the platform that manages payroll accounting for larger companies. 

Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise and QuickBooks Online 

QuickBooks is another popular accounting solution for SMBs in all industries, including construction, architecture, and city planning. Some of the benefits of QuickBooks include advanced reporting for data-based business decisions, payroll management and expense tracking. Like most other accounting software products for architects in 2021, QuickBooks allows multi-user accounts with business data synced across all platforms, users and devices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an advanced financial management platform used mainly by larger companies. Within Microsoft Dynamics 365, professional costing, budgeting, analysis, and accounting modules will help you visualize data and perform business intelligence tasks.

The downside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it’s a complicated and feature-rich platform that often requires special development services, so it’s not convenient for freelance architects or smaller firms.


Wave is an online accounting platform that has been conceptualized and designed specifically for small businesses, freelancers, and consultants. Waves allow expense tracking, payment tracking, billing, and credit card processing, generating the most popular reports like tax reports, balance sheets, cash flow statements and so on.

While Wave is excellent for generic small businesses and freelancers, there are certain features that architects will miss in the product—for instance, document management, cloud data upload, collaboration modules and so on. 

Sign up to PlanMan for the maximum architect-oriented experience.

TimeSolv Legal

TimeSolv is another tracking and billing solution built with consultants, architects and freelancers in mind. 

TimeSolv is a cloud-based platform that hosts most of the 2021 features like billing, reporting, expense tracking, receipt scanning, etc. 

With TimeSolv, you can add basic automation scenarios for producing standard documents you are using.

Which architecture accounting software product is right for you?

We recommend sticking to large, well-supported and established accounting software products.  

One of the reasons is that most experienced accountants are used to working with them. Therefore, the accountant matters the most, not the tool they are using.

Another thing to pay attention to is how easily your accounting software integrates with your project management and time tracking software. 

Precisely to address that need, we’ve built PlanMan integrations. However, considering everything mentioned above – we recommend you stick to FreshBooks or Xero.