architecture business growth ideas

Architecture business growth ideas for 2024

So you’ve finally started an architecture business in 2023 and you’ve made it through the hardest survival phase (see our tips for young architects if you haven’t yet). Congratulations – now make sure you get your strategy right for growth in 2024.

This post will give you practical ideas for growing your architecture business in 2024. These are all strategies, techniques, and mindset shifts that have brought great results to PlanMan users over the years, and we’re happy to share them with you.

The following are given in no order and they are all equally important, but you need to find what moves the needle for you and focus on that the most.

Know your numbers

Whatever gets measured, improves. Always track and analyze all numbers related to your client work and internal processes, and set ambitious goals for your architecture business.

Here’s a guide on top architecture business KPIs to track, and make sure to check our article on profit planning as well.

What’s important, however, is that you don’t go overboard tracking every possible KPI out there. Instead, focus only on numbers that matter for your business growth.

Market, market, market

No matter how much work you’ve got now, it’s going to dry out at one point. You need to hedge against that and have a steady, reliable channel for getting new clients.

Go through all the architecture marketing methods to pick and master one of them. All the tactics differ in terms of costs, timelines, and learning curve, but they can all work well.

Once you nail down one marketing channel you can expand your expertise to other ones.

Treat communication religiously

Most of the architecture horror stories we’ve heard come from sloppy communication with clients and stakeholders. Needless to say, these issues will hold back your business growth. If you want to avoid having to work on change orders all the time, make sure your communication is on point.

An effective client communication strategy will ensure smooth business growth in 2024.

Introduce visioning workshops if you haven’t yet, they will help you improve client experience and improve your reputation and the number of referrals you’re getting.

Our client communication software is created to help you keep all your correspondence in one place, where your invoices, documents, and project management tasks are.

Up your writing

Architectural writing affects more than just client communication. 

The way you draft proposals, the message you send out in your marketing materials, how you explain your design concepts, and even how you email your clients – all of that can set you aside from the competition.

Become a thought leader

No matter how modest your revenue is for now, it’s never too early to position yourself as a thought leader and an innovator within your market. This is exactly the factor that will lead you to better, richer, more thoughtful clients and larger checks.

Start building out your personal brand in 2024, if you haven’t yet. Here’s how to start.

Think through and put together the mission, vision, and values that you will broadcast out there. This guide will help. Start incorporating architectural storytelling in your drafts and briefs.

These conceptual, abstract-looking things are surprisingly effective for architecture business growth. 

You can neglect them – but you will likely remain a lower-tier firm that is easily replaceable and only gets standard & technical work.

Work with better partners

Have a system of vetting partners that will work for you and your employees. 

If you’ve been burned in the past, understand why and what led to that. 

Make sure this does not happen again in 2024, since it’s your reputation on the line no matter whose fault is it

Reliable accountants are a must, and so are contractors, assistants, and co-consultants. Manage your partners with PlanMan’s co-consultant management module.

Invest in the right tools

First things first, make sure your hardware is powerful enough – check our guide on the best laptops and tablets for architects.

Project management software for architects is a must – and we’ve designed PlanMan specifically for architecture professionals in companies.

Beyond the regular BIM and drafting software tools, make sure to try AI tools and collaboration software, and start running a CRM in 2024!

Invest in your team

Once you’ve taken care of all your processes and delegation, make sure to upgrade your own skills by getting extra education and certification – both for you and your team!

LEED accreditation and BREEAM training are great starting points that will let you grow the scope of the services you offer

Project management training will help you manage your resources and processes efficiently and eliminate bottlenecks that hinder your business growth. Make sure everyone on your team is ready to implement agile methodologies where necessary.

Don’t lose track of your goal

Remember that more tools or services do not equal more revenue. Architecture business growth means taking on bigger and better projects, and having a sustainable inflow of high-quality clients.

As you grow your practice, you need to enter the position of power where you select clients who need to qualify for working with you, not vice versa.

We’ve built PlanMan as a reliable dashboard for all your project management needs – it’s a simple and robust solution to get a birds-eye view of your business. 

Sign up today – and we’ll be happy to help you grow in 2024!