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Architect Management Software

Project management can take up a significant part of an architect’s available work hours. It needs to be done, but it’s not the work you’re really charging your clients for. If you can streamline your project management, you can focus on your billable hours rather than the administrative tasks that you can’t avoid.

Having the right architect management software is the best way to achieve this, making project management smoother and helping you and your organisation to be more organised.

PlanMan is the online project management software for architects, designed by architects and town planners.

Cloud-Based Architect Management Software

PlanMan is cloud-based architect management software. Its online setup means that you can access your projects whenever and wherever you need to, with no need to download any software, or use VPNs or network storage.

Just log in to your account when you want to access your work, and you will be able to manage everything from one place. You can also give your clients full access to their contact information, projects, files, and links to planning applications at all times.

Our online solution is completely secure too. It’s hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform for your peace of mind, and benefits from automated database backups to provide data security and protection.

Our super fast managed servers mean that you can manage your projects without having to deal with any lagging, loading, or other problems that slow you down when you’re trying to work.

All the Features You Need

PlanMan has been designed to give architects everything that they need to manage their projects all on one platform. It was created with the aim to make it the best architect management software, and we think we’ve achieved that.

The host of features available means that you can take control of your projects with ease.

Client management and communication

client communications

Managing your clients is simple when you have the right software. PlanMan helps you to get organised by enabling you to manage and communicate with your clients from a single location.

You avoid having to juggle spreadsheets, emails, and other resources that are scattered across various files, folders, and pieces of software.

Keep all of your clients’ information in one place so that it’s easily accessible by both you and them. You can see all of the contact information, files, projects, invoices, quotes, and emails related to each of your clients.

You can even contact your clients directly by using the function on their client details page. Your staff members can clearly see when each client was last contacted and clients can log in to their accounts to reply and see your communications too.

Global search makes it easy to find any information that you need on a client. Simply enter the search term, and you can find clients, projects, and documents that are related. All of your documentation for each project or client is stored with their information, so there’s no need to go hunting for files.

Files don’t need to be emailed back and forth when both you and your client can upload them and view them when you need to. Plus, you can choose to keep documents private so that your client can’t see them.

Document management


If you have been relying on Dropbox folders or other cloud storage solutions, you can change that when you’re using PlanMan. Our architect project management software allows you to store your documents with your client information and project details.

Keep everything related to a particular client or project together in one space, so you don’t have to go searching in different places to keep track of everything that you need.


Manage permissions for your staff and decide who can access certain files and information, and who can’t. You can keep your data secure by creating permissions groups that give access to only those who need it.

Make sure only the necessary staff members are able to perform some actions, such as deleting files and information. Creating permission groups ensures that each member of staff has access to the permissions that they need when they log in but don’t have any permissions that aren’t necessary for them to do their jobs.

Quote management

Quote management can be a very time-consuming administrative task. Creating and sending quotes takes time, and that’s before you have to sit around and wait for a response to them. Having your quotes disconnected from other important information is inconvenient too.

But with PlanMan, you can create, send and manage your quotes in the same place, and handle other financial documents such as invoices at the same time.

Project templates make it easier to create quotes for your clients. All of the project stages that you want to include in the quote will be pre-filled with your template, helping you to save time.

Clients can accept quotes using PlanMan with just the click of a button. There’s no need to email back and forth or waste time getting quotes confirmed. And if you ever need to find a quote in the future, searching for it is easy.


invoice management

Invoicing your clients becomes a breeze with PlanMan too. Use our architect project management software to create and send your invoices, using our automated invoice processing system for each stage of the project that you mark as complete.

Just send the invoice with a click and your client will be able to both see and pay for it within their PlanMan dashboard.

They can use a debit or credit card to make their payment or automatically pay their invoices via direct debit by setting up GoCardless. They can also download their invoices as PDF files. Just like other files, it’s easy to search for invoices you’ve created too.

Project management

project management

PlanMan gives you the project management tools that you need to manage all of your architectural projects from start to finish.

You can keep everything that you need for each client in one place, easily accessible for you and any of your staff, as well as for your client. Keep documents private if you don’t want anyone else to see them while giving your staff access to those that they need all on one platform.

Ditch shared network drives and make everything you need simple to find and manage using PlanMan.


software integrations

Even though PlanMan has all of the tools to help you with project management, we know you’re likely to use a number of other tools for other important tasks.

That’s why our project management software for architects features a number of integrations, allowing you to connect your favourite tools.

The integrations available from PlanMan include:

  • FreshBooks – sync with your FreshBooks account for smooth financial management
  • GoCardless – accept cardless payments by setting up direct debits for your clients
  • Sage – connect your Sage account for integrated accounting
  • Stripe – accept card payments from your clients using the secure solution Stripe
  • Xero – sync your Xero accounting account with your PlanMan account

These integrations make it simple to manage your finances and accounting as part of your project management. Connecting your accounting software and payment options to your PlanMan account brings all of your essential project management information into one place.

Send your invoices straight from PlanMan to your accounting software and allow clients to pay their invoices using their PlanMan login.

Book a Demo

You can book a demo of PlanMan to get a demonstration of how it works and how the software can help you to gain control over your project management.

We will walk you through the main functions and how PlanMan can benefit you so that you can save time on administrative tasks.

Get Your Free Trial

If you’re ready to try out PlanMan for your architectural firm, sign up for your free trial. Just enter your details in the signup form and register to get started with your account. The trial gives you full access to all of the features included in the software so you can get an accurate picture of how it can work for you.

If you decide that you want to carry on with a paid subscription after your free trial, all of the data you have already uploaded will remain in your account. If you decide to leave at any point, we will export your data for you.

There’s no need to install any software, with everything hosted online. As long as you have a stable internet connection and your preferred device, you can log in to your PlanMan account and manage all of your projects.

You can use your desktop or laptop, or use a mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet to access all of your project information.

PlanMan is designed by architects and town planners, with years of experience and knowledge put into creating essential features specifically for these professions.

Book a demo, start your free trial today or get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you.

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