Spring 2021 updates

April 2021 Updates

We’ve made the following updates this month:

FreshBooks Integration

We have now been officially listed in the FreshBooks integrations section. We have updated the FreshBooks logo (at their request) in PlanMan.


When adding manual payments to invoices, the system now checks the amount on the fly and pops up a warning if you are trying to post an amount that exceeds the outstanding amount on the invoice.

The invoices report now contains totals in the report footer. The invoice due date is also now shown in the reports table.

The invoice report now lists the date the invoice was sent (issued) to the client in the “Date” column. If it hasn’t been sent yet, this column shows the invoice date.

If an invoice has been paid by either Stripe or GoCardless, this is reflected by a new icon on the invoices report.

The Sage accounts export now includes an extra column for “Payment Type.


When users are adding enquiries whilst logged in, the “Username” field has been removed. This used to email the login credentials to the new client that was created, so we have removed this. You can email client login credentials to them via the client details page.


New permissions have been added for the folllowing:

  • AddUsers
  • UpdateUsers


Now, all users can view the main users page, but only users with the above permissions can update them.


There is a new report added for quotes that allows you to view quotes created between dates, when quotes were accepted and against quote owner.


There is a new tab on the project details page for “Submissions”. This shows all data relating to local authority submissions and dates.

There is also a new report added for submissions that lets you report on submission dates, validation dates, decision dates, local authority and project owner.

Clients & Projects

You can now add more than one email address against clients and projects. These can be added separated by a semi-colon, for example [email protected];[email protected] Then, whenever you email the client, both email addresses will receive it.

When viewing a project, there is now a link under the client drop-down to view the client details page. When clicking on it, there is also a link on the client details page to take you back to the project.


On the main communications page (under Client menu) there is a new column added to show who the email was sent to.


When you are logged in and a client sends you an email via their client login, you will now receive an in-app notification, instead of an email. If you are logged out, you will receive an email notification.

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