Extra May 2021 Updates

The following updates have been made recently:


Added the “Max Length” option on the Title field so that you can’t add more text than the database will allow.

On the Project stages tab, you can now click the Status and edit it without having to edit everything else.

Time Logging

When you are logging time, in the popup that appears, when you select the project stage you are now shown the Quoted Hours and Actual Hours logged so far.

Sage Export

When running the Sage Export, if the invoice was not paid via GoCardless or Stripe, the Notes field is used in the Extra Reference column in the export.


The following new fields have been added to your user accounts:

  • Personal phone
  • Personal email
  • Home address
  • Next of kin
  • Emergency contact
  • Doctor/Medical info

You can now upload files to Users.

Non-admin Users can now view the Co-consultants list page, but not click through to edit them.


Added checks to stop enquirers adding duplicate enquiries via the enquiry form.


You can now manually set the “Sent To Client” date on invoices in case you don’t want to email it to them.

User Interface

A logout button has been added to the top right in the header.

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