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Integrations and Time Recording Updates

We are pleased to announce more integrations to accounting packages. You can now integrate with the following accounts packages:

Time Recording

Along with the integrations above, we have also improved the time recording features. You can now log hours worked on project stages on a per day basis instead of an overall basis.

time recording

More information in the KB article.

Other Updates

We have also added the following updates:


There is now a button to “pop” the chat out into it’s own window so you can browse to other pages whilst keeping the chat open.

chat popout


You can now click a button to mark all notifications as read or delete them all.

clear all notifications


Bug fix – in some circumstances, when you clicked the delete selected files on a client or project, they downloaded instead.


When you edit a quote and have one or more stage prices set to zero, a warning now pops up.

Account Security

You are now logged out automatically after 1 hour of inactivity.


When you add a calendar event, any web addresses you enter in the event description will automatically be converted into clickable links when you hover over the item on the calendar.

calendar event URL link


On your clients list page, clients with GoCardless direct debit setup will have an icon next to their name.


On the invoices list page, any invoices that you have posted to Xero or FreshBooks will have an icon next to the invoice number.

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