Summer 2021 Updates

June 2021 Updates

Time Log

Bug fix – When adding a time log, sometimes you received an error to select a stage when you already have done.


Changed the word “Emailed” to “Issued” on the new date field.

When viewing the invoices tab on a client details page, the first line of the address has been added as a column in the table.

Dashboard Calendar

The leave requests have now been moved to the top section of the calendar to make it less cluttered.

When you click a date/time slot in the calendar, that date and time is now pre-selected in the Add Event popup.

Public holidays have been added to the calendar.


You can now add multiple Stage Owners to project stages. When stage date reminders are sent out, these extra stage owners will also receive the reminders.

Clients can now view archived projects from within the client login.

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