June 2023 update

June 2023 updates

The following updates were made recently:


New field added to quotes – Building Regulations Fee. This is now listed on the PDF quote below the authority fee.

Project Stages

When viewing the project stages tab on a project, if you click the “Start” column and select a start date, the project status is now automatically set to “Ongoing” (if not set already). The project start date is also set to the stage start date you selected (if not set already).


When adding a new client, you can now search for their address via the postcode field and populate the address details with the results.


You can now record when a user started and ended their employment with your company.


For security reasons, you must change your login password every 120 days, and you can not use the same password as your last 5.

You will be locked out for a set period after 6 unsuccessful login attempts using an incorrect password.

When logged in, you will now be automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.


New report added for admin users – “Fee Earner Forecast”.

The “Workflows” link in the root of the main menu has now been moved to the “Reports” menu.