March 2021 updates

March 2021 Updates

We’ve made the following updates this month:


When you add URLs (web addresses) to project stage notes and project invoice notes, the system now automatically converts those web addresses into clickable links. When you click on them they open in a new browser tab.


When you use the report export feature, the exported file now contains all the report rows, instead of only the page you are on.


On the Global Dashboard, a new column for Project Owner has been added to the Project Invoices table. When clicked it takes you straight to the specific project’s invoices tab.


You can now see who accepted the quote, whether it was the client or a staff member on behalf of the client.


You can now reset the GoCardless information pertaining to an invoice.


When you use the search box above the enquiries table, the system now includes the client’s address line 1 in the search.


Bug fix – Changed the word “Hrs” to “Units” in the notification email when someone deletes a leave request.

Any project notifications are now sent to the Contact Email set on the project (if set). If not set they are sent to the client’s email.

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