march 2022 update

March 2022 Updates – Extra

The following updates were made recently:

Project Submissions

You can now add multiple submissions for your projects. Also, you can add the following submission types, each with their own set of fields:

  • Representation
  • Pre-Application
  • Application
  • Appeal


The new workflow list has been updated to include the first line of the address and project stage totals.


When you download a document, the system now replaces spaces with underscores, instead of dashes.

Call Logs

When adding a call log, when you select either Enquiry, Quote or Project, the list of entities now includes the first line of the address so it’s easier to search/filter.


Bug fix – In some circumstances, some users were receiving notifications even when they were turned off on their account page.


We have moved the shortcuts from the bottom section of the nav bar, to the right hand side. Also, you can now set which shortcuts appear in this new sidebar, via your account details page.