May 2021 Updates

May 2021 Updates

The following updates were made this month:


When you are viewing the client details page, the Files tab now also includes files that are assigned to that Client’s Enquiries.


Stage date reminders now go to the Stage Owner, not the Project Owner.

When a client is viewing the Files tab of a project, they are now listed in date descending order.

When you set a Project Stage to Ongoing, and the Project Start Date has not been set, it is now set to either the current date (or the Project Stage Start Date if set).


New permission added – Delete Other User Calendar Events.


Bug fix – When you create a quote from an Enquiry, if the Alternate Address has been set on the Enquiry, this is the address used on the Quote. Also, the Enquiry Description is copied to the Quote Description field.

When viewing an Enquiry, if you have selected a Client, there is now a link below the Client field to view the Client details.


When viewing a Quote, there is now a link below the Client field to view the Client details.


When Clients are logged in, they can now send a new email from their main Communications page.

You can now insert images to email communications.

When emailing invoices, the user’s email address is now set as the “Reply To” email so the recipient can hit reply in their email program.

If the Contact Email has been set on a project, this is the address all project communications will be sent to. If not, the Client email will be used.

User Interface

You can now click a button to shrink the side-bar to free up more space.

Bug fix – The Sent Time on Communications now correctly reflects British Summer Time.

Fixed a typo on the Project Submissions tab.


Users set to inactive do now not count towards your subscription plan’s max user count.


The Project Refn column has been removed from the Sage Invoices Export.

The Quotes Report now includes totals at the bottom of the table.

Planning Deadline has been replaced with Decision Date on the Submissions report.


New User notification added – Date Added To My Project Stage.

New User notification added – Client Response To All Quotes

New Client notification added – Date Added To Project Stage.

When a client accepts a quote, all the project stage owners now receive the notification as well as the project owner.


If/when a Client’s direct debit mandate it cancelled, you can now reset the mandate status against their account so they can create another.

Price Plans

We have released a new price plan aimed at smaller companies with less staff.

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