may 2022 updates

May 2022 Updates

The following updates were made recently:


On your main users page, you can now see a green icon if the user is currently logged into PlanMan, and an orange icon if there were logged in in the past 2 hours.

Company Logo

You can now upload your company logo to replace the PlanMan logo at the top left of the user interface. This logo will also appear on the client portal, as well as your login pages.

Note: For login pages to display your own logo, you must use your own sub-domain. For example “”.

Project Map

A new page has been added so you can see all of your active projects on a map. Each project is shown by an orange pin. Hovering over the pins show more information about each project. More details here.

Call Logs

Bug fix – When adding a call log, the time is now correct, taking into account BST.

You can now change who the call log was for when editing a call log.


You can now delete individual notifications directly from the list.

Notifications regarding projects now include the project address.