sage integration and user interface improvements

Sage Integration and Reporting Improvements

We have made improvements to the Sage integration and various reporting and user interface improvements.

Sage Integration

When you post an invoice to Sage, if the invoice has been paid, the payment is also posted to Sage and assigned to the invoice.

Also, if a client is paying an invoice via Stripe or GoCardless, if the invoice has been posted to Sage already, the payment from the client is also posted to Sage and assigned to the invoice.

Time Logging

Bug fix – When editing a time log, you can now change the stage and it will work as expected.

Subscription Invoices

You can now pay for your PlanMan subscription invoices via credit/debit card.

Time Reporting

All users can now run the Time Recording and User Time Recording reports. If the user does not have the “Run Time Recording Reports” permission, they will only be able to view their own time logs.


We have added a new permission – Delete Project Stages.

User Interface

We have made lots of improvements to the user interface. The most noticeable being that all form drop-downs are now searchable. When you click into a drop-down field, there is a new search bar at the top that will let you search to filter the list. The search appears if the drop-down list contains 10 or more items.