September 2021 Updates

September 2021 Updates


Bug fix – The invoices table now displays as expected when you have an invoice with no line items on it.

New column added for Ex VAT on the invoices report.


When editing stage dates, you can now select up to 10 years in the future instead of only the current year.

New table column added for Project Type when viewing the projects tab on the client details page.

When adding a stage date, when you select the Start Date, the End Date is automatically set to the same date.


New Status added – Contacted.


New fields added to the Submissions report:

  • Decision Date Made From
  • Decision Date Made To


When composing a communication via the Project or Client details page, the system now auto saves the email every 5 seconds. Then, if you browse to another page and come back, you can restore the draft by clicking a new button on the toolbar.

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