An Introduction To Call Logs

An introduction to call logs

Video Transcript

Welcome to PlanMan. In this video, we will be going over call logs. What they are, and how to record them.

Call logs are used whenever someone contacts your company, and wants someone to get back to them. For example, when calling the office and the person they want to speak to isn’t there. A call log can be added for that person notifying them that someone wants them to call them back.

Any user can add call logs, but, only users with the “view other user call logs” permission can view the global call log list.

To add a new call log, you can either click the “add call log” shortcut, or, click your name, and then click the call logs icon, then the plus button.

You can log the following information.

  • The date and time the enquiry was made.
  • Who it was for.
  • The method.
  • What the enquiry was regarding. When you select enquiry, quote or project, a drop down field will appear allowing you to assign the call log to it. If you select other, a text field will appear allowing you to type it in.
  • The name and contact details of the person making the enquiry.
  • Notes about what the enquiry was about.

Click the add call log button to add it.

The user you selected in the “For” field will receive a notification when they next login, showing them that they have an outstanding call logged for them.

Clicking the call log icon in the header will list all of the calls logged for you that you have not actioned yet.

Click on the person’s name to view the call details.

Click on the tick button to mark the call as actioned. This will remove it from your unactioned list, but keep it in your main call log list.

To view all of your call logs, click your name, then the call logs icon.

You can also mark a call as being actioned by clicking the “not actioned” text, then selecting the date.

The global call log is the same as your own call log, except it lists all users’ logs. To give a user permission to view the global call logs, go to setup, permission groups.

If you have already created a group for your users, click it. If not, click the plus button and create one.

You will see a list of all the permissions that can be assigned to your users. Scroll down to the “view other user call logs” and check it, then click the update group button.

Now you must assign the permission group to the relevant user or users. Go to setup and click the user’s link.

Click the user in question, and scroll down to the permission groups section. Click the plus button, and select the relevant group, then click update user.

The next time that user logs in, they will inherit all the permissions you set on that permission group.

To view the global call logs, click the call logs link under the dashboard link.

That’s it for call logs, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and I will see you in the next video.