how to setup stripe for card payments

How to setup Stripe for card payments

Hello and welcome to PlanMan. In this video, I will be walking you through setting up Stripe, so your clients can pay their invoices via credit or debit card.

We start by going to setup, then card payments. Now click the connect to stripe button.

If you already have a stripe account, click the sign in link and login. If not, complete this short form to create a free account.

Because we are in test mode, we can skip this step.

That’s it, from now on, your clients will be able to pay their invoices via credit or debit card.

When you download a P D F invoice, or email an invoice, there will be a link in the P D F to click on, that will take you to a page to pay the invoice with your card.

Click on the pay with card button, and enter your details. Once you click the submit button, your PlanMan invoice is marked as paid, and an invoice payment is automatically added to it.

That’s it for today’s video, see you next time.