Project Live Chat

Project Live Chat

Video Transcript

Welcome to PlanMan. In this video I will be showing you the project live chat features.

Each project automatically gets a live chat room, and any user can post messages to it.

To access the live chat, click on the chat icon in the header.

Select the project in question, or, if you click on the chat icon when viewing a project, that project will automatically be selected.

Once you select the project, you will see any messages posted. To post a new message, click into the field at the bottom and type something.

To tag another user, press the at key, or click the user icon, and select the user in question. This will send them a notification letting them know that they have been tagged in a project chat.

Messages will appear in real time.  To edit one of your messages, click on the avatar. Make the necessary amendments, then click the update button. To delete the message, click the bin icon.

Administrators can delete all messages in one go by clicking the bin icon at the bottom.

A useful feature of the chat is that you can pop it out so that you can browse to another section. Click on the pop out button and the chat will be opened in its own window. You can now browse to another page without losing the chat.

If you view a project that has some chat messages, the chat icon in the header will turn green.

That’s all there is to the live chat, thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, so you are notified when we upload tutorials in the future. See you next time.