Keep Organised Using Workflows

Organise your projects with project workflows

Video Transcript

Welcome to PlanMan. In this video I will be telling you all about workflows. What they are, and how they can help you stay organised with your projects.

Your workflow, is essentially any project stages that you are currently working on. To keep yourself more organised, you can select from your project stages, which ones you want to be included in your workflow for that week.

You can then work through those items in order until they are all completed, then add more items to your workflow and repeat.

To setup your workflow, you can either click the forecast figure on your dashboard, or, click the workflow icon, and then click the view forecast button.

The project stage forecast lists all project stages that are assigned to you, that have not been completed yet.

To add items to your workflow, click the switch on the relevant rows in the table. To remove an item, click the switch again.

To view your workflow list, click on the workflow icon in the header.

The following useful information is listed for each project stage:

  • Project number.
  • Stage number.
  • Stage title.
  • Project address.
  • Project title.
  • Stage cost.

There is also a total of all the stage costs at the bottom.

To complete a workflow stage, click the down arrow. You will see fields to input how many hours and minutes you have worked on this project stage. These are optional, but if you fill them in, a time log will be added and assigned to this project stage automatically.

Click the green button to mark the stage as completed.

If you have the relevant permission, there will be a workflows link on the main navigation. This allows you to view the current project stage forecast for any user. You can add and remove workflow items on behalf of that user.

To give someone permission to be able to view the global workflow, go to setup, permission groups. If you already have a permission group setup, click it, if not, click the plus button to create one.

These are all the permissions you can set for your users. Scroll down to the “view and edit other user workflows” permission and check it. Then click the update group button.

Now you need to assign that permission group to the relevant user. Click the users link under setup and click the user in question. Scroll down to the permission groups section, and click the plus icon. Select the permission group you just modified and then click update user.

The next time that user logs in, they will see the workflows link on the side navigation.

That’s it for workflows, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe so you will be notified when we upload more tutorials.

See you next time.