Permission Groups

Only give your staff access to the things they need.
Lock the system down with permission groups.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Permissions

Here are some frequently asked questions around permissions:

Q: What are permission groups?

A: Permission groups are the mechanism for you to assign what your users (staff) can and can’t do when they login. For example, you probably don’t want every staff member to be able to delete invoices. You create a permission group and assign all the permissions to it. Then, you assign the permission group to your specific staff members. When they login, they inherit the permissions from those assigned permission groups.

Q: How many permission groups can we setup?

A: As many as you need, there is no limit.

Q: Can a user be in more than one permission group?

A: Yes. When they login, the system will look at all the groups they are in, and assign their permissions accordingly.

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