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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Project Management Software

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our project management software:

Q: What information can we store against our projects

A: The project details page consists of the following project tabs:

  • Project details
  • Project stages
  • Files
  • Invoices
  • Communications (emails)
  • Co-consultants
  • Submissions

Q: What are project stages?

A: Project stages are the work that make up the project itself. For example:

  • Stage 1 – Survey and land registry documents
  • Stage 2 – Existing plans
  • Stage 3 – Proposed plans
  • Stage 4 Planning documentation
  • Stage 5 – Amendments to & submission of application
  • And so on

Q: Can clients see their projects?

A: Yes, as long as you set their login credentials and send them their login details.

Q: How many submissions can we add for each project?

A: As many as you need, there is no limit.

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