Quote Management Features

Easily create quotes from project templates and email
to the client at the click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Managing Quotes

Here are some frequently asked questions around managing quotes:

Q: Can we save templates to make adding quotes faster?

A: Yes. Create as many project templates as you need, then when you are creating a quote, select the relevant template and all of the project stages will be copied to the quote automatically.

Q: Can we email quotes straight to the client?

A: Yes, once a quote has been created, sending it to the client is as easy as pressing a button.

Q: Can clients see their quotes?

A: Yes. When you first create a quote, it is set to “Draft” status. Clients can not see draft quotes. As soon as you email it to the client, the status us updated to “Issued”, where the client will be able to see it in the email as a PDF attachment, as well as the client portal.

Q: How do clients accept quotes?

A: After you send the quote to the client, it will be visible to them in their client portal. When they view a quote, if they are happy with it, they can “Accept” it by clicking on a button. Once accepted, a new project is created automatically and all details from the quote are copied over to the new project.

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